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Anna Keville Joyce (Food Stylist/Illustrator), Panco Sassano (Graphic Designer/Illustrator), and Agustín Nieto (Photographer) teamed up to create a new, interdisciplinary food art and design project that incorporates various techniques of typography, food styling, and the illustrative Argentine art form of “fileteado”. All currently based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, each professional brought their unique expertise to develop a new artistic proposal. The project, entitled “A Gusto”, highlights the innate flow of fileteado together with decorative lettering design and an organic interpretation of food ingredients.

The food elements utilized to create the project include: sushi rice, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, beans, lentils purple cabbage, fenugreek, peach purée, corn kernels, himalayan salt, paprika, polenta, and achiote seeds.


STYLING. Anna Keville Joyce | AKJ Foodstyling

TYPOGRAPHY. Panco Sassano

PHOTOGRAPHY. Agustin Nieto Photography

A Gusto.

food typography.

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